Investing in real estate

When entering the workforce, it is generally difficult
to become a homeowner because of a poor income history or lack of intake. So
naturally, many move into renting. However, it turns out that many stay renting
for a very long time. There are many factors such as location or the apartment
itself that make a tenant want to stay. Neighbourhoods and proximity to family
are also factors that make people reluctant to change. But, it is important to
know that when you are a tenant, all the rents are for the owner, and when you
retire, your income decreases. The rent will be harder to pay.

Moreover, it is impossible to bequeath a property to
the descendant and thus provide them with a roof over their heads. It is
therefore strongly advised to be a tenant for a maximum of one year, the time
to save up and thus make a contribution to make a real estate purchase. Repayment
will be made over the duration of the loan. The shorter the duration of the
loan, the higher the monthly repayments of the loan.

On the other hand, the longer the duration of repayment
of the loan will be long and the more monthly instalments to be repaid. This
implies a choice to be made by weighing the pros and cons. But it is a very
profitable investment in the long term, because arriving at retirement, it is
possible to live in a property without paying rent or repaying monthly loan