Long live Nashville Entertainment

Painting a mental picture of American art and entertainment is incomplete if the deep cultural history of Nashville Tennessee is not included. The foot-stomping, soul captivating and heart pumping music is but a small mention of details about a small world within our world which is known as Nashville.

There is just so much to talk about when it comes to this wonderful city. The people are simply beautiful when it comes to hospitality and bonded communities. If you are a current resident then you know exactly what I mean by that statement. But if you are a visitor or are planning to relocate to this fantastic city, you will be very pleasantly surprised at how warm and inviting people around the neighborhoods can be.

There is a large blend of industry and thriving commerce throughout the city while agricultural life thrives around the outskirts. If there is such a phrase for describing the city and its surroundings I guess it would have to be “simply magnificent.” Where else can someone feel rooted and at home as a visitor or tourist?

We can go on and on for hours talking about the many things to do, breathtaking nature views and down southern home cooking. Unfortunately, we don’t have time or space to cover every glorious aspect of this amazing area of our nation. But we can mention a few must-know facts about what makes life so joyful and entertaining in this part of Tennessee.

The NFL and the NHL sports teams in this state are a powerful representation of the actual strength and character that boldly stands out in the many different close-knit communities. Having said that, to experience the truest character of the city, take a very close look at the children that are participating in sports, performing arts and many scholastic activities that display just how smart they are.

If you are someone that appreciates a great meal and fine wines, Nashville will spoil you like a grandparent spoils their only grandchild. The flaky peach and apple cobblers are like slices of heaven after a heaping helping of old-style Southern ribs alongside a generous scoop of country vegetable mixes. Can’t you taste the thick homemade barbecue sauce? You’ll have no problem finding plenty of mom-and-pop soul food restaurants that will be more than happy to tickle your taste buds with an assortment of delights.