Oh Nuts! Squirrel Skewers Downtown Nashville Power

NASHVILLE, TN — A curious squirrel crawled into a transformer Tuesday, ending its own life and shutting down power to a large swath of downtown, according to the Nashville Electric Service.

The rodent’s fatal sojourn into the Gay Street transformer cut power to the urban core for about an hour starting at the inconvenient time of 4:45 p.m.

It caused problems, in fact, at a meeting of the Metro Council’s Planning Committee, which was considering the controversial changes to the city’s short-term rental rules.

The meeting has been temporarily adjourned as council attorney Jameson, VM @davidbriley and presumably technicians look into this matter. https://t.co/7tBbMIGVH2— Joey Garrison (@joeygarrison) January 22, 2018CM Glover’s microphone is one of the only microphones that is working in the entire council chamber. Glover suggests moving the meeting to center around his desk. That might actually be a good idea.— Joey Garrison (@joeygarrison) January 22, 2018
The council temporarily adjourns for the second time because no one can hear what’s going on due to a lack of functioning microphones. https://t.co/9gsxgxLDrc— Joey Garrison (@joeygarrison) January 22, 2018

Photo via Olivia Lind, used with permission

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